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June 19, 2018

On the edge of our seats

The latest news from the Oklahoma County Election Board is that the election board staff is recommending the three “provisional ballots” be accepted for counting late Friday afternoon. And the Election Board is expected to accept that recommendation. It means the three votes in the Luther Town Trustee election will be added to the results and could possibly affect one of the outcomes from Tuesday.

That meeting of the Election Board is at 4pm. The board will consider 38 provisional ballots (including a tie election in Spencer) from across the county, and certify the April 4 election results by 5 pm.

Currently, appointed-incumbent Andy McDaniels is two votes behind Paxton Cavin for the third open seat on the board for the four-year term for the Luther Town of Trustees.

The board members will open the provisional ballots, verify the affidavits, and insert the ballots into the voting machine.

The Luther Register will be there, and will FB Live the meeting if possible. To be sure, we will post the results as soon as possible.


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