Appeals Board Named, and moving closer to a new home for the bank

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Two meetings and two nights at Luther Town Hall.

On Monday night, the “Rural Urbanism Committee” met for the second of three Public Hearings about a Comprehensive Plan for the Town. But no one from the public showed up. Another meeting is scheduled December 18 at 6 pm at Town Hall. Public feedback is sought about zoning, future growth and other issues affecting the town.

On Tuesday night, the Town Board of Trustees held a brief Special Meeting with two agenda items.

The first item dealt with appointing an Appeals Board for the Town. Mayor Jenni White recommended four members to the panel that would convene at the request of any dismissed member of the police pension system. State law dictates the make-up of a board and requires appointing a lawyer and a doctor who live within Town limits, along with two current or retired police officers, but not the police chief or any trustee in oversight of the officer.

White said she contacted two attorneys in the Town limits and both turned down requests to serve, but the mayor did find a doctor who is willing. Dr. Jeff Schwarzmeier, a chiropractor who lives in Luther, agreed to be part of the Appeals Board. Other appointees recommended by White, and voted on by the Board include Luther Police Officers Justin Blackwell and Tony Walker, and Vice Mayor Jason Roach.

The five-member Appeals Board made up of Mayor White, Vice Mayor Roach, Dr. Schwarzmeier, Officer Blackwell and Officer Walker is expected to convene at the request of former Luther Police Sgt. Mike Oliver who was terminated by Police Chief David Randall two weeks ago.

Oliver is expected to have a due process hearing with Chief Randall Wednesday. Following that, the Appeals Board, subject to Open Meetings laws, is expected meet thereafter, with at least 48 hours public notice.

Oliver, a ten year veteran of LPD, disputes his firing, “I am going to fight it cause what they are saying I did are (sic) false and lies.”

In a separate agenda item, The Town Board voted to surplus 1.75 acres of land facing Highway 66, between the Dollar General and Wildhorse Park. The action is related to a proposal the Luther First Bank & Trust made to the Town nearly a year ago to build a million dollar new bank facility on the land where the current dilapidated tennis and basketball courts are located. The Town is offering the land in an open bid for the next 15 days and includes an option to deny any and all bids through Noon on December 12.

Since the bank made its proposal to give the Town its current building and contents, valued at more than $300,000, in exchange for the 66 frontage land, valued at $75,000, the bank announced it would be purchased by Bancfirst early next year. Bank officials say the bank sale should enhance not hinder the proposal for the new building for the growing branch.

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  1. Are we going to decorate Luther for Christmas this year? I bet the home schoolers and kids from the school would help. We need some fun decorations. 🙂

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