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On President’s Day, we had an appeal from a Luther teacher to get some books for her students who want to read about presidents and history!

On her day off, Ms. Debi Reid posted on several Luther school Facebook pages a request to acquire some copies of  “Rush Revere” books for her fifth graders.


“I am posting this request everywhere I can think of in order to (hopefully) receive enough of the books to finish the series before school ends. Feel free to share! Please and thank you!

I teach reading and language arts to 5th graders at Luther Middle School. My students are in love with the historical fiction Rush Revere series of books. We were lucky enough to get a set of the third book donated to us by the author. I would so appreciate donations of the fourth and fifth book in the series. My kids beg to read these books. To be able to provide the next two books for them would be a true blessing. Thanks in advance!

Debi Reid
Luther Middle School
800 South Dogwood
Luther, OK. 73054

Ms. Reid said she has been thrilled with the students’ response to the books. The next books in the series are “Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner,” and “Rush Revere and the Presidency.”

The history based genre is very popular with Luther fifth graders, and is sparking a love for history, said Mrs. Reid. “We were reading on Friday about Lexington Greene and Concord. I heard a student say, ‘The shot heard round the world.’ That was not part of the text. So encouraging when something the students learn in a different class is reinforced.”

She said she needs 30 copies of each book for every student to have a copy to read, and presumably to turn in for next year’s fifth graders to read.

The need for books also got the attention of Sheila Farmer, who founded the new 4 Our Community Inc., that benefits Luther schools. Since founding the group last fall, she has stocked the middle school closet with needed supplies and has moved up to the high school. She not only has organized and inventoried supplies, she has applied funds toward many needed classroom supplies to augment the strapped school budget.

Currently, she is working on getting dictionaries and world atlases, and is happy to collect funding to put toward this Rush Revere effort as well. She shops for the best prices, and is busy finding business and community support to grow the group and expand the support.

Check the group out on Facebook, 4 Our Community, Inc.

Farmer said if anyone wants to donate to any of 4 Our Community’s projects, take money to the account at the Luther First Bank & Trust. However, she said, she doesn’t get a record of the donation that way, so if you want to drop your donation in at Rustic Farm with Pam, she will make a note of who donated it and get the funds deposited. Rustic Farm is two doors down from the bank. Luther’s newest retail space has a little spot featuring a super fun basket of barbies, beanies and games. Buying any of those toys at Rustic Farm means 4 Our Community gets all of the proceeds.

Even though there was no school on Monday, Ms. Reid said she is always thinking about her students and that’s why she put out the appeal for the books. “This is a project dear to my heart.”

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