Burglary in Luther

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UPDATE 3pm Wednesday: From Luther Police Chief Marcus Thurman. Police recovered the cash register and some merchandise today at 164th and Dobbs as part of the investigation. There are no suspects, he said.


Hard to miss this vehicle. Belonging to the owner of Rock N Vapes in Luther, the Hummer was stolen overnight. Call 911 if you see it or have information.


The Luther Police Department is investigating an apparent overnight burglary at Rock N Vape Shop. The shop faces Hwy 66 near the new Dollar General store east of town.

The break-in occurred sometime between about 1 am – 5 am, police said.

In addition to the theft of merchandise and other materials, the perpetrators also took off with a customized wheel-chair equipped Hummer vehicle that belongs to the shop’s owner, Jeremy Ring, police said.

Police are looking for suspects and Oklahoma County Sheriff’s investigators will check for fingerprints and other evidence.

The door was kicked in. Police say there were no video cameras or an alarm on the premises.

Luther Police also remind citizens and business owners to be vigilant over personal property – report any suspicious behavior to 911, install cameras and an alarm system if possible.

Police say although there has been some reports of burglaries in the area recently, there’s no reason to believe this crime is connected to that.

It is hoped spreading the word about the missing vehicle will recover it back to its owner.

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  1. so sick of this. Happens every year a few months before Christmas until about February. I had 2 riding lawn mowers and a generator stolen within a 2 year period. My brother-in-law had his vehicle stolen right out of his drive way, in town several months ago. Tis the thieving season. At least this time something was recovered.

    1. Yes, it’s such a shame that someone did this to Jeremy! Thank goodness the Hummer was recovered…now if we can get our vape items back!
      We know who the individuals were that stole from us…and all I can say is, PARENTS, you need to be more aware of what your children are doing! Step up and take on your role of parenting! Stop allowing your children to grow up to be disrespectful little trouble making punks! Get involved in your children’s lives! It’s a travesty that kids these days have no parental guidance or discipline…they are allowed to do whatever they want with no repercussions. And to think, they are our future!? Can’t even feel safe with your belongings in our town anymore with punks running the streets as they please. If someone makes a complaint on one of them, it SHOULD be follow up by parents/police and not brushed under the rug so it can continue to happen.

      1. the CHILD who was involved, his parents were not in his life. Keep the comments to yourself if you don’t even know the facts

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