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June 19, 2018

Zella Holder

Border fight: misdemeanor filed against Henry

Turns out when the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office dismissed felony trespassing charges against Luther Town Trustee Ron Henry earlier this month, they were planning to refile some of the charges as a misdemeanor. That misdemeanor charge was filed Thursday. The charges, first filed in August 2016, stem from a dispute between Henry and his

The old lawsuit against the school

A lot of news gathering involves checking files, making calls, verifying information, and waiting for return calls and email replies. Then there’s time to write. It always takes longer than I think it should. But it’s a necessary part of the process. Agencies that utilize the internet make it easier to check court records and

Charges Outlined Against Henry

As of Thursday night, an arrest warrant remained in effect for Ron and Brenda Henry, the Luther Town Trustee and his wife who were charged with voter fraud by the Oklahoma County District Attorney this week. In addition, Henry faces charges he stole some hay from his long-time neighbor. The charges are outlined in this