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May 23, 2018

town board

A new mayor and other town board happenings

The new mayor of Luther is Jenni White. At the new town board’s first meeting, her fellow trustees voted White as mayor and Jason Roach as vice mayor. Both were elected in April along with Paxton Cavin and Trandy Langston. Ron Henry is the fifth trustee. “Thank you. I appreciate that. The agenda has my

Candidate Questions Special Meeting

A candidate for Luther Town Board is calling on the Board to cancel Thursday’s Special Board Meeting saying it is unnecessary and poses concern. Paxton Cavin posted her statement today. “The point of special meetings is to take care of business that comes up but can’t wait until a regular meeting.  The regular meeting is

Mayor Resigns

In a surprise counter-move, Luther Mayor Lea Ann Jackson resigned as a trustee (and therefore her mayoral position) for the Town of Luther today. The resignation came late on Thursday after a tentative town agenda circulated that had an item regarding electing a new mayor. Mayor Jackson lasted not quite six months in the position. Jackson