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November 21, 2017

Route 66

Military Convoy Through Luther

We interrupt this national debate about knees and flags and anthems to bring you a convoy. A rainy Tuesday morning in Luther brought a little joy when a parade of antique military vehicles rolled down Highway 66 as part of a cross-country celebration of veterans, the military and Route 66 through the MPVA, the MIlitary

Roadwork on Highway 66

Remember before the Oklahoma Legislature adjourned, and there was that flashing portable sign on the roadside on Highway 66 just east of town? You probably saw that sign that flashed something like “the road project was stalled because of a lack of state funding?” Apparently the money was freed up, because there’s a work zone,

Route 66 and Luther

What do you think about the Mother Road? In my spare time (or when I should be doing laundry or selling ads), I’ve been looking up Route 66 groups on the internet –  the travel groups, the history groups and the associations. My interest is to see whether Luther is represented. I also want to

“W” for Week 2

by Sydney Scheer The Route 66 Showdown between the Luther Lions and the Wellston Tigers….LIONS, and tigers, and refs, OH MY! Once again it was a good night of offense for the Lions but there were big plays on defense as well as the Tigers were held to just six points for the game. .