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May 22, 2018


Holiday Planning

What are your Fourth of July plans? If you are sticking around home, be sure to celebrate the holiday at Luther’s Wildhorse Park at 8:30 pm.  Thanks to Luther’s First Bank & Trust and Rustic Farms for the donations for the show that is expected to light up the sky. Rumor has it that the

Remembering a Superintendent & a Cowboy

“Just call me Sheldon.” If you had ever asked Dr. Sheldon Buxton what you should call him, that’s what he likely would have said. His affable manner made for an easy rapport with the teachers, parents or anyone else who met him. Those who knew the Luther Public School Superintendent have been flooded with remembrances about him after the

Prison for former Luther Mayor

“I’m sorry I did it,” said James Richard Smith as he was sentenced in Oklahoma County District Court Wednesday for his part in stealing copper wires from donated tornado sirens that were meant to be used as a warning system for Luther residents. Smith, 68, spoke briefly to Judge Cindy Truong but his apology was the

Water Woes and a Water Grant

In what might be a record, the Luther Public Works Authority board in a Special Meeting on Wednesday night took less than two minutes to conduct its business (broadcast by Luther Register on Periscope). The business involved signing off on seeking a $100,000 Rural Economic Action Plan grant to help fix the town’s water problems. RESOLUTION

Movie Set: Josephine’s in Luther

The regulars at Josephine’s might have to skip coffee, breakfast and lunch, but just for three days. Their favorite spot will be closed Tuesday – Thursday. Sources say it’s because one of our favorite Luther restaurants is going to be part of a movie set. That’s right, unconfirmed reports say the restaurant and possibly other spots

Turnpike Troubles

Trust, power and lifestyle. To oversimplify, the opposition to the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike project could be boiled down to a few basic issues: trust – or lack of it; power, who has it and why; and lifestyle, rural residents who say they don’t want the expensive road, not in their back yard – not even in their part