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July 17, 2018


Roadwork on Highway 66

Remember before the Oklahoma Legislature adjourned, and there was that flashing portable sign on the roadside on Highway 66 just east of town? You probably saw that sign that flashed something like “the road project was stalled because of a lack of state funding?” Apparently the money was freed up, because there’s a work zone,

ODOT Greenlights EOC Turnpike

Although the Oklahoma Department of Transportation said it cannot stop the proposed Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike, executive director Mike Patterson said his agency is no stranger to the pain and anxiety road-building causes to residents in the way of the roads. In the case of the controversial EOC, his agency’s board Monday was asked to

STOP: Lawmaker questions turnpike dependency

In the six months since the controversial Driving Forward turnpike program was unveiled amid fanfare at a  State Capitol event Oct. 29, 2015, barely an elected official has questioned the $600 million program that includes the proposed Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike. Until now. On Thursday, State Rep. Lewis Moore called for a moratorium on all turnpikes in

Driving Forward Drives Forward

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority held its monthly meeting on Monday. Authority members unanimously approved “design route alignments on the Driving Forward Program” for the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike and the Southwest Kilpatrick expansion. The proposed alignments were presented publicly on April 14, 2015.  The agenda item read: In 1987, by passage and approval of House

ODOT Plans for Highway 66

Meanwhile, aside from the twists and turns of the saga over the proposed Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike, there’s movement on some other road projects in the area, such as the proposed  improvements for State Highway 66 in Arcadia and toward Luther. Since the meeting last month in Arcadia, ODOT Public Information Manager Lisa Shearer-Salim says they have

ODOT Public Meeting

If you’ve travelled along Highway 66 the last few days, you’ve noticed that the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) wants you to know there’s a public hearing on Tuesday night to discuss plans to work on the road. They have two electronic signs – one in Luther going west, and one by Pops coming east