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June 18, 2018

Luther Town Board

The price of water

On the bright side, Luther water customers got out of paying for increased water rates for a few months. However, an apparent software glitch that didn’t apply the new hike to customers last September has been fixed. Higher water bills have gone out this month, as evidenced by the increased number of phone calls at

Transparency in Local Government

“The invisible government,” wrote Walter Lippman, “is malign.” “What is dangerous about it is that we do not see it, cannot use it, and are compelled to submit to it.” Walter Lippman, A Preface to Politics (1914). That critique of invisible government underlies Oklahoma’s Open Meeting Act, a series of statutes enacted “to encourage and facilitate

Friends & Tripods

Shout out to my friend Shari! She was either sick of me whining about forgetting to purchase a new tripod for my phone (aka camera) or she was dizzy from watching our hand-held Periscope broadcasts of Luther school board and town board meetings. She surprised me by buying The Luther Register a new tripod that will

October Meeting Revisited

It won’t go away. The Luther Town Board meeting last October (the day the school bond issue failed, incidentally) that became a local TV news and internet hit came up again in the January Special Meeting of the Luther Town Board. To refresh, here’s the video of the meeting in which then-Mayor Birlene Langley accused fellow