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June 23, 2018


Plotting and Platting Luther’s Future

Do you remember that survey Luther residents were asked to complete last summer? The Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership, a public-private organization that focuses on economic development, shared a $500,000 grant with its member towns, including Luther, to tackle the work of comprehensive planning for the growing areas. The result of that survey and a year’s work

Survey says – Plan EOC

The Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership is asking for your input on a survey to determine what kind of growth you want for your hometown. The survey will take about ten minutes or less to complete and asks question about your age and income; as well as what kind of home you’d like to live in;

Friends & Tripods

Shout out to my friend Shari! She was either sick of me whining about forgetting to purchase a new tripod for my phone (aka camera) or she was dizzy from watching our hand-held Periscope broadcasts of Luther school board and town board meetings. She surprised me by buying The Luther Register a new tripod that will

Impasse: No New Luther Town Trustee

The four Trustees of the Luther Town Board could not agree Tuesday night on who to select to fill a vacancy on the board. Two “candidates” put in their names for consideration: Mike McClure and Andy McDaniels. A third person, Ron Johnson, did not attend the meeting. McClure told the board he had 37 years of