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July 17, 2018

eminent domain

Turnpike Construction Begins

Two years after the announcement of the controversial Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike, dirt work has quietly begun. There was no fanfare, groundbreaking or ribbon cutting – but the dirt movers are on the scene between 164th and the current Turner Turnpike next to Luther Road. It’s where the $400 million dollar roads begins. It will end

Their Day in Court

Attorney Jerry Fent says his days of fighting eminent domain cases are long over. At 82-years-old, he can reflect on a long career defending citizens when the government wants to take their property. You could say he’s been there, done that. Still, he said, Eastern Oklahoma County residents opposed to the Driving Forward program to put a

A Showdown at the Supreme Court

An attorney challenging the constitutionality of how the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority funds its turnpikes gets his day in court tomorrow. Another group wants its say as well before the Oklahoma Surpreme Court. High Court Referee Daniel Karim is scheduled to hear the case Tuesday, September 20 at 10:30 am. Attorney Jerry Fent, who lists himself as

SOTA Meets Tonight

Another Thursday and another turnpike meeting. But tonight’s meeting about the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike does not involve the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. This is a meeting is organized by the SOTA group, (STOP the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority). Harrah Church 101 S Dobbs Rd. Harrah, OK 73045 7pm The venue will accommodate more than 800 guests. SOTA, also known