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June 22, 2018

Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike

Toll hikes and driving forward

We knew it was coming. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority approved three rate hikes more than a year ago to help pay for the new turnpikes being built. The OTA board reaffirmed the next phase of the hike at its meeting this week. Click here for a copy of 2018 Toll Rates. We’ll start paying more

Turnpike Update

UPDATE: Since we posted this update earlier this week, we had a couple of reader questions. Here are the answers supplied by Jack Damrill, communications director, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. I can’t tell from the map what the blue line on 164th street going west from Luther Road signifies, do you know? DAMRILL: “The blue lines

Legal War Chest Grows

When comparing $164 million to about $20,000, it’s almost laughable that a group of citizens opposed to Oklahoma turnpikes can defeat Goliath. But an underdog story is compelling, because of that little shepherd kid David who toppled the Philistine giant of the Old Testament. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority last week approved $164 million of engineering work on

ODOT Greenlights EOC Turnpike

Although the Oklahoma Department of Transportation said it cannot stop the proposed Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike, executive director Mike Patterson said his agency is no stranger to the pain and anxiety road-building causes to residents in the way of the roads. In the case of the controversial EOC, his agency’s board Monday was asked to

Capitol Rally to STOP the Turnpikes

The crowd numbered upwards of 150 folks – united in their anger and opposition to not one, but two metro turnpikes to be built as part of the controversial Driving Forward Oklahoma turnpike program. Organized by the Eastern Oklahoma County anti-turnpike coalition, Wednesday’s state capitol anti-turnpike rally also featured neighbors from the other side of

Wednesday Anti-Turnpike Rally

Rain or shine, there’s going to be another anti-turnpike rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Wednesday,   from Noon – 2 pm. Outside if it is not raining. Inside on the first floor if it is. One of the organizers is Paul Crouch who is fighting the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike and spoke at

STOP: Lawmaker questions turnpike dependency

In the six months since the controversial Driving Forward turnpike program was unveiled amid fanfare at a  State Capitol event Oct. 29, 2015, barely an elected official has questioned the $600 million program that includes the proposed Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike. Until now. On Thursday, State Rep. Lewis Moore called for a moratorium on all turnpikes in

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