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April 20, 2018


Toll Hikes and Legal Maneuvers

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority wants to be ready to increase tolls as soon as “practicable”  if it doesn’t lose a lawsuit making its way through the State Supreme Court. The Authority met Tuesday and approved 17% toll hikes to help pay for the Driving Forward turnpike project. However, a challenge making its way through the court is

Their Day in Court

Attorney Jerry Fent says his days of fighting eminent domain cases are long over. At 82-years-old, he can reflect on a long career defending citizens when the government wants to take their property. You could say he’s been there, done that. Still, he said, Eastern Oklahoma County residents opposed to the Driving Forward program to put a

A Showdown at the Supreme Court

An attorney challenging the constitutionality of how the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority funds its turnpikes gets his day in court tomorrow. Another group wants its say as well before the Oklahoma Surpreme Court. High Court Referee Daniel Karim is scheduled to hear the case Tuesday, September 20 at 10:30 am. Attorney Jerry Fent, who lists himself as

Bonds Approved with a Catch

The State Bond Oversight Commission on Thursday gave contingency approval to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to sell bonds to fund the Driving Forward Program. However, OTA has to get its legal issues out of the way first, according to State Bond Advisor James Joseph. “A condition of the approval was that they resolve any legal issues

Lawsuit Stalls Driving Forward Program

A lawsuit filed against the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority last Friday has halted plans OTA had to advance its $600 million Driving Forward program, for now. It also is stalling work on the controversial Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike. The OTA on Tuesday voted to “table” a move to increase toll hikes to pay for the new projects.

All the things

With so many things going on in our town, here’s a roundup of some things The Luther Register is following: LION REPORTER! First of all, we are so excited to welcome Sydney Scheer as our first LION REPORTER! We will gush about her more later, but this 2016 LHS graduate will cover LION Football this season,

A suit, a tollhike and bonds

The group against the construction of the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike was surprised and pleased to learn that an Oklahoma City attorney has sued the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority on a constitutionality complaint. According to news reports, Jerry Fent filed the suit against OTA Friday in the Oklahoma Supreme Court. He is pressing his claim that state laws

Turnpike Catch-up

The contingency of neighbors against the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike will have a meeting next week to catch-up on their ongoing opposition to the 21-mile new toll road coming through or near their land. Paul Crouch is one of the organizers. “We plan to gather and talk about what has happened since we started fighting

Legal War Chest Grows

When comparing $164 million to about $20,000, it’s almost laughable that a group of citizens opposed to Oklahoma turnpikes can defeat Goliath. But an underdog story is compelling, because of that little shepherd kid David who toppled the Philistine giant of the Old Testament. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority last week approved $164 million of engineering work on

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