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February 25, 2018


Police Chief David Randall

The Luther Town Board offered the job of Police Chief to David Randall at Tuesday’s Special Meeting. The selection came after a final round of interviews with four applicants; and forty minutes of discussion in executive session by the four member board. Trustee Ron Henry did not attend. David Randall, 46, currently is a Lieutenant with

Controversial Item Pulled

Turns out a controversial agenda item for Tuesday night’s Special Meeting of the Luther Town Board cannot be voted upon tonight because it was worded incorrectly. Mayor Jenni White confirmed the item will not be considered tonight on her Trustee Facebook page.  The main business of tonight’s meeting is to conduct final interviews of four

Police Chief Applicants and Crunching Numbers

Four applicants for Luther Police Chief will have a second-round interview with the Town Board of Trustees, Tuesday, October 17, beginning at 6:30 pm. Three of the four final applicants were featured last week in an article in The Luther Register.  Since then, we have been able to connect with the fourth applicant, David Randall for

To be a police chief, meet the applicants

They have law enforcement experience in the city and in small towns. One is a decorated veteran. One pursued justice after the big fire in Luther five years ago. One currently serves as an officer on the Luther Police Department, and another one lives in Luther. One is an expert in training. All of them

Eight Finalists for Luther Police Chief

The Luther Town Board of Trustees Thursday night met behind closed doors to cull down a list of resumes for Luther Police Chief. After an hour, the board reconvened in open session and announced eight names of candidates to be interviewed on October 10. The names are: David Abel Chuck Brewer Virgil Green Ron Lentz

Forty-One Apply for Luther Police Chief

The Luther Board of Trustees has stopped collecting resumes for the open position of Luther Police Chief. Forty resumes were received as of the close of the filing period on Wednesday, and one more was found Thursday in an email spam folder, town officials said. The Board is expected to pick their top eight resumes

LPD on the paperwork hotseat

“The Board of Trustees simply wants to have the opportunity to do our due diligence in making sure each officer’s personnel files contain all required documents, and by having executive session the board as a whole will be able to speak to each officer individually to ensure that those files are accounted for, and, if there are files missing, a solution can be resolved in an efficient and transparent manner,” said Trustee Cavin.

A new police chief

In what might have been the shortest meeting to date for the new Luther Town of Trustees, members met, said the Pledge of Allegiance, and all voted yes on a motion to name Deputy Chief Mike Class to the position of interim chief. Class has been on medical leave but came back to work Tuesday

The Search for a Chief

The Town of Luther is looking for a new police chief, and the Board of Trustees is having a meeting on Tuesday night to name an interim police chief. This all follows the resignation of Marcus Thurman who held the position of Luther Police Chief for eleven years. He resigned last Thursday, just hours before

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