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July 26, 2017


Whetsel Resigns

In a surprise move, long-time Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel announced his retirement Wednesday. The Sheriff will quit on March 1, 2017, after twenty years as the top law enforcement agent in the county. The OCSO provides coverage over many miles in Eastern Oklahoma County, and partners with the Luther Police Department on programs and patrol.

Henry Case: May Court Date

Ron and Brenda Henry had a court date at the Oklahoma County Courthouse this week for the continuation of a preliminary conference on charges related to voter fraud, and additionally, property dispute charges for Mr. Henry, the Luther Town Trustee. The case moves on. The Henrys are represented by Gary Wood, the same attorney representing

Smith enters Blind Plea

Former Luther Town Trustee Richard Smith will not face a jury on his 2015 charges related to copper theft. The trial was scheduled to begin Monday, January 23, 2017. His attorney said Smith entered a blind plea on Friday. James Richard Smith was arrested in June 2015 after Oklahoma County authorities alleged he ordered jail

Helping the Wellston officers, and the Vance Trio had a court date

The three persons charged with helping Michael Vance continue his crime spree had a court date today. They didn’t get to go. It was a preliminary conference hearing for Danny Roach, April Harden and Reginald Moore. The trio remains in the Oklahoma County Jail with no bond and face an assortment of charges including felony accessory to murder in

Wheels of Justice for Henrys

The Oklahoma County District Courthouse was so busy this morning, one lawyer pushing his way into a courtroom said, “It’s Black Friday for justice! On sale today.” It was an interesting juxtaposition of hustle and bustle, as lawyers whispered with clients in corners, prosecutors carried large case files, and family members and those accused of this

VANCE: Some details “we will never know”

Right after Michael Vance apparently left Ron and Kay Wilkson’s house after killing them last Sunday night, he apparently drove through the heart of Oklahoma City to the southside where he visited a friend who helped him. Federal authorities arrested Danny L Roach last Friday, October 28, the day of the Wilkson’s double funeral after interviewing

Vance’s death brings relief to Luther

A long week marred by tragedy and fear ended Sunday night when word came that authorities shot and killed double-murder suspect Michael D. Vance, 38, in Western Oklahoma. It was last Sunday, October 23, when Vance allegedly drove a stolen vehicle to Ron and Kay Wilkson’s house on Covell east of Triple X, brutally killing them before

IT IS OVER: Michael Vance dead

Word that Michael Vance has been shot and killed by authorities. And a deputy is in critical condition after a shootout in Western Oklahoma.  

Celebrating Ron & Kay, and the search for their killer

“We certainly understand the fear in the community, but we must not allow ourselves to be overcome by it. We should always use caution, but walk in our faith as well. Prayers are going up for our community to be healed. God will overcome all of this in His way,” said Pastor Melton.

No school Friday for Wilkson Funeral

Luther School Superintendent Sheldon Buxton announced that school will be cancelled on Friday to accommodate the community who will gather to celebrate the lives of Ron and Kay Wilkson who died in a double murder on Sunday night. The killer, Michael Vance, remains at large and is the subject of a wide-ranging manhunt. Safety concerns

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