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July 26, 2017

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Turnpike Bond Sale is Imminent

With another constitutional challenge cleared in court, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is proceeding with his $480 million bond sale to fund its new turnpike program, Driving Forward. At Tuesday’s OTA meeting, Director Tim Gatz told the Authority that the bond sale will be announced in newspapers next week. Officials later said the announcement will be in newspapers

Turnpike Authority Sued for Fraud

A dictionary, the state’s Open Records laws, the Oklahoma constitution and meeting minutes of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority were cited in Tuesday’s lawsuit challenging the OTA’s funding of its proposed $480 million Driving Forward Program. Constitutional advocate Jerry Fent filed the lawsuit 20 days after the court denied his earlier protests that the OTA’s practices

New Year, New Turnpike battles

Constitutional advocate Jerry Fent is not done with his fight against the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. Twenty days ago, the Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected the Oklahoma City attorney’s claim that the funding mechanism for the proposed $480 million Driving Forward turnpike program violated the constitution by logrolling (combining more than one project at a time) and

The Turnpike Wins at the State Supreme Court

The State Supreme Court today gave the nod to a $480 million bond issuance to fund the Driving Forward turnpike program, including the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike. The case has been stalled at the state high court since early October following a referee hearing where attorneys for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority pled its case. In addition, the “protestant” Jerry Fent

Supreme Court hearing on funding the turnpikes

The citizens were heard today at the Oklahoma Supreme Court. After the attorneys sat down, Eastern Oklahoma County Residents Paul Crouch and Frank Volpe asked to be heard, and they were allowed to speak in a move that was not unprecedented, but was unusual in a hearing at the state’s highest court. The hearing was

Turnpike Catch-up

The contingency of neighbors against the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike will have a meeting next week to catch-up on their ongoing opposition to the 21-mile new toll road coming through or near their land. Paul Crouch is one of the organizers. “We plan to gather and talk about what has happened since we started fighting

TURNPIKE: contracts awarded, and some landowners left waiting

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority on Tuesday approved $164 million worth of engineering contracts on projects related to the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike as part of the Driving Forward program. The engineering work will be for the three interchanges planned for the EOC. SOUTH SECTION from SE 44th to Reno including interchange at Reno & SE 29th

Ten Thousand Dollars in Ten Days to fight the Turnpike

If you haven’t heard much about the Eastern Oklahoma Turnpike project lately, no doubt the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is moving full steam ahead to roll the 21-mile road through the private properties in the way from I-40 to I-44. We’ve heard about surveyors in the area and wild rumors about offers to buy land. But what

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