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July 19, 2018

Adopt A Boom, Fireworks Campaign

Would you pitch in to have a Town fireworks show?

The Town of Luther itself is not fronting the cost this year for the show that traditionally shoots off at Wildhorse Park. However, Fire Chief Jason Miller said an offer stumbled across his desk that could provide a way to have the show.

The new Board, in efforts to stick to a budget, and monitor expenses, opted not to spend up to $4,000 on a show, to the disappointment of some, and understanding of others. The current budget adopted last year did not provide for the expense.

Miller said this program allows businesses or citizens to “adopt a boom,” by donating money to purchase a firework. With Independence Day quickly approaching, he told the Board of Trustees Tuesday night that it might be difficult to raise the funds quickly enough for a quality show, at least $3,600. But if not, the funds will be used for a show next year.

The Board of Trustees voted to give Adopt A Boom a try.

This year, we are asking for your help to produce a quality fireworks show for our community. In order for the show to be a success, we need to raise a minimum of $3,600 by June 29, 2017 at Noon.

If these funds are not raised, then the Town of Luther will put what funds were raised into a special account to be added to the funds raised for a 2018 Fourth of July Celebration. The program for 2018 will start shortly after July 4, 2017.

Donations range from $5 for a three inch boom; $10 for a four inch boom; $25 and up for cake items, and $1,500 for a GRAND FINALE.

Interested? Drop off your donation at Town Hall, 119 S Main or call 405-277-3833.


“Adopt A Boom, Fireworks Campaign”

  1. PJ
    June 15, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Lets d0 s0me math. $440.00 a m0nth t0 E0CP x 12 m0nths in a year=$5,280 f0r a bang 0f a sh0w.

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