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July 19, 2018

Henrys Released on Bond

Henry, Brenda (10-7-53)

Henry, Brenda (10-7-53), photo provided by Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Henry, Ronald (DOB 5-03-50)

Henry, Ronald (DOB 5-03-50), photo provided by Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office, Town Trustee Ron Henry, and his wife, Brenda, turned themselves into authorities about 9:45 am Friday.

By the end of the day Friday, both Mr. and Mrs. Henry were released on bond, according to authorities and eye witness reports.

The pair faces charges of voter fraud connected to Henry’s election to the Town Board in April 2015. The allegations say that absentee ballots were fraudulently submitted after being notarized by Cecilia Taft, the town’s current mayor.

In addition, he is charged with grand larceny,  involving a dispute with his neighbor in April of this year. He is accused of stealing hay and trespassing on Zella’s Holder’s land southeast of town.

Mr. Henry denies the allegations.


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