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August 22, 2017

Archives for April 2016

EOC Toll Road: Emails Announce Design Phase

Emails are arriving in the inboxes of those affected by the Eastern Oklahoma County turnpike proposed route. Text of the email from Monday, April 18, 2016: “This email is a follow up from the April 14th meeting. Below you will find a screen shot of your property in relationship to the design alignment. The project

Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike Route Revealed (Again)

Parking their cars up and down Dobbs and Reno and filling up the parking lot of Harrah Church, residents who might be in the way of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s proposed new turnpike walked into a dimly lit sanctuary to take their first look at a revised map. Some used flashlights to see the new maps that follow a

ODOT Plans for Highway 66

Meanwhile, aside from the twists and turns of the saga over the proposed Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike, there’s movement on some other road projects in the area, such as the proposed  improvements for State Highway 66 in Arcadia and toward Luther. Since the meeting last month in Arcadia, ODOT Public Information Manager Lisa Shearer-Salim says they have

School Board Meeting But No Budget Cuts

  Overspending or loss of funding? That issue seems to be at the crux of what’s keeping the Luther School Board from making efficient work of budget cuts that are needed to help keep the district’s doors open next school year. At least two board members are approaching the dilemma – overspending or loss of funding –

Neither Pink Nor Blue

When the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority unveils it’s next proposed alignment for its Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike loop, neither route proposed in March will be chosen. Instead a hybrid route will be offered for review. That route will not be made public until the April 14 meeting “After hearing from many residents, we discovered more issues

Election Upset in Harrah

By a margin of 22 votes, incumbent Harrah City Councilman Sammy Martin was defeated in Tuesday’s election by Joe Kreke, a candidate who campaigned on his opposition to the Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike. On his Facebook page, Kreke said the EOC turnpike could cut through some or all of his family’s land: “I won’t sit

Long night ahead: hotspots and changing winds

A long night awaits fire fighters and residents in north Luther where a wildfire burned an estimated 200 acres near Forrest Hills Road and Dobbs. At twilight, the southern command line was being led by Coyle Fire Chief Michael Galbraith who gave marching orders for the night: put out hotspots and be mindful of the

Massive Grass Fire: Dobbs & Forest Hills

Guthrie’s Fire Department led the charge on a 200-acre grass fire that sparked Tuesday afternoon way north of Luther, between Luther Road and Dobbs and Seward and Forest Hills in Logan County. Neighbors say this was a respark of a fire from Saturday. Mutual aid was provided from many departments including Luther, Agra, Fallis, Orlando,

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