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May 25, 2017

Swan Song for Luther’s Walmart

IMG_6769Catfood, sunscreen and beer is about all that’s left on the shelves at the Luther Walmart. The rest of the stock went on sale Monday for 75% off, in advance of the stores closure later this week.

Jeff Williams with Williams Foods, a local grocer with stores in many rural Oklahoma towns told The Luther Register on Monday that he was visited with Luther town officials about the Walmart closure. Without ruling it out in the future, he said there is just too many unknowns to decide to bring a Williams to Luther.


One of those unknowns is the selling price of the newly constructed property. Williams guesstimates the building is worth more than two million dollars. Factoring in a payment on a loan that size, plus the other costs of doing business, he doesn’t know of many retailers who could jump in and be profitable.

Williams has battled Walmart in other towns and said he is grateful Williams stuck it out in Stroud, a town where Walmart is also closing a store this month.

Walmart announced less than three weeks ago that it would close down the store that sits on Route 66 east of town. There is no official word yet on Walmart’s plans to sell the building or a selling price, or if it will offer any concessions to the community.

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