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August 22, 2017

Archives for December 2015

Happy New Year

Who is ready to put the lid on 2015? For those of us who have had an excellent year, cheers! May 2016 be even better. For those of us who slipped, bounced and somehow actually survived 2015, may 2016 be … better. New year. New chance. New hopes. New dreams. A new year gives us

Good News & Bad News: School Numbers In

The Oklahoma State Department of Education released its mid-year adjustment numbers this week. The dreaded number is what the Luther Public Schools has awaited to shine a light on how much less money the district will have to operate with for the rest of the year. The numbers bring a little bit of good news amid the bad news.

Unanimous Vote for New Mayor

Most of the action at the Luther Town Board and Luther Public Works Authority Special meetings December 16, 2015, was behind closed doors. The board, with its new attorney, Bryan Drummond, entered into three executive sessions. Before going into those private sessions on personnel matters, the new attorney gave an opinion on the matter of the town

No Four-Day week for Luther

  A twenty-minute presentation from a teacher lauding the success of a four-day school week across the state and the nation, and no public comments against the proposal did not convince a majority of Luther School Board members to attempt a one-semester trial of a Tuesday – Friday week. Superintendent Sheldon Buxton said the two-to-two vote surprised

If you are asked to help, HELP: Broudy runs for School Board

The sound of dribbling basketballs fills the Luther Multi-Purpose gym where Steven Broudy’s youngest son practices with his team. The kids listen to their volunteer coaches who make them run (and run some more) and work on their shooting, and Broudy sat in the wooden bleachers for an interview about running for the Luther School Board. “People ask

See You at the Pole

In hand-wringing times – what are we to do? When there’s worry, confusion and uncertainly about the future – what to do? A group of parents, citizens and other fans of the Luther community are asking the community to come together to PRAY. A “See You at the Pole” event has been scheduled for Monday, December

Dean of Students Resigns

In a letter dated December 8, 2015, Luther High School Dean of Students Patti Buxton tendered her resignation.   Dear Dr. Buxton, Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve the students and families of Luther High School. The students have been respectful, kind and courteous. Additionally, the parents I have worked with

Items on School Board Agenda: RESIGNATION

The Luther Public Schools December 14, 2015, school board meeting agenda was posted today. The meeting was touted as the one to take action on immediate budget cuts to align with an anticipated reduction in state funding and other cashflow problems with the school district. Also anticipated on the agenda was discussion of the position of the

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